Tinder Slider

We are happy to share with you exciting news about the latest addition to our collection of developer tools. Introducing Tinder Slider, a new premium plugin for the Swiper library.

The magic of card animation

Being a developer means creating awesome things that improve user interaction with interfaces. Sometimes you have to write complex animation scripts from scratch to get really unique effects. But what if you could get these amazing effects without grueling coding?

That's where our new Tinder Slider plugin comes into play.

Inspired by the famous dating app Tinder, Tinder Slider adds a card flipping effect that you can easily integrate into your Swiper project. With this plugin, you can create intuitive, engaging interfaces that enhance user interaction with your website or app.

Premium quality

Our Tinder Slider is a premium plugin, which means we put a ton of time and effort into its creation. We strived to create a product that combines usability with quality performance. When creating this plugin, we paid special attention to performance, optimization, and compatibility.

Examples of using Tinder Slider

The use of the new Tinder Slider plugin is not limited to dating sites. This versatile tool can come in handy in a variety of scenarios, adding interactivity and modernity to your projects. Here are some examples of where and how you can use Tinder Slider:

  • Online stores. The card flipping effect is ideal for displaying products in online stores. It will help shoppers quickly and easily browse through your products and then swipe to add them to cart.
  • Portfolio. If you're a designer, artist or photographer, Tinder Slider is a great tool for showing off your portfolio. By swiping through your work, potential clients or employers can have a more dynamic and engaging experience.
  • Social Media. For social networks and communities, Tinder Slider can add an interactive element, allowing users to quickly switch between posts, articles or photos.
  • Educational Platforms. On educational platforms, Tinder Slider can be used to navigate through course modules, lessons, or interactive tutorials. This allows students to easily navigate from one section to another while maintaining focus and interest.
  • News portals and blogs. In the case of news sites and blogs, the flipping effect can serve to easily navigate through articles or headlines, making news reading more intuitive and interactive.

In this way, Tinder Slider is a versatile tool that can give a new look to your projects, improving the user experience and level of interaction.


We are sure that you will enjoy the new Tinder Slider plugin for Swiper. It can really help you take your project to the next level by adding unique Tinder-like flipping effects. Join us as we innovate and improve user interaction with web projects!