Update To Swiper v10

A big Swiper v10 update was released today.

But don't worry, all the UI Initiative elements with Swiper have already been updated to the new version of Swiper v10.

If you have an existing project that uses one of the UI Initiative items, you can update it manually. In most cases, this is required if you are using ES imports where you need to change the imports of Swiper modules.

If you had something like this before:

import Swiper, { Navigation, Pagination, EffectCreative } from 'swiper';

It needs to be changed to the following:

import Swiper from 'swiper';
import { Navigation, Pagination, EffectCreative } from 'swiper/modules';

This is all that needs to be changed to update our items to Swiper v10. We also recommend that you read the full Swiper v10 migration guide