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iOS App Store UI made with Framework7 & React
Last updated on May 14, 2023

App Store

This app replicates look and feel of the native iOS App Store app.


  • Doesn't use any kind of API and all the data is locally mocked.

  • Supports both dark and light modes (auto-detection based on system preferences).

  • Progressive Web App (PWA), app can be installed to the home screen, and uses service workers to cache all static assets.

  • There are following screens (views) available:

    • Today (Home). Main initial view with dynamic expandable cards.
    • Games. Page with games listing. Contains multiple scrollable (swipeable) sections, like featured apps, new apps, etc.
    • Apps. Page with apps listing. Contains multiple scrollable (swipeable) sections, like featured games, popular games, etc.
    • App Details. Detailed page of the app/game. Contains all the detailed information about the app - icon, screenshot, developer, reviews, etc.
    • Apple Arcade. Arcade home page with unique swipeable hero slider, games sections, and infinitely animated promo banner at the bottom.
    • Search. Search page with some popular (recommended) search results and mock functionality for the search itself.
    • Account. Modal (popup) with base account information and account links.


In the package you will find:

  • fully functional project created with Framework7 CLI (with Vite), with Framework7 and React
  • all static demo data (mock apps information and images)
  • additional ESLint and Prettier setup
  • instructions on how to build, run and preview the project

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