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Material You Slider

Material You Slider

Material You carousel made with Swiper
Last updated on Apr 29, 2024

Material You Slider

Material You Slider is a premium Swiper effect plugin that adds Material You transition effects.

It can be easily integrated into your Framework7 or Ionic app as Swiper already integrated into these frameworks.

Inspired by Google's official Material You Carousel


  • it is based on Swiper, so it supports most of Swiper features
  • any content can be placed within slides
  • can be actually any size (aspect ratio)
  • can be used for any kind of content presentation (gallery, recommendations, etc.)


There are some small limitations comes with this effect:

  • slidesPerView: "auto" is not supported with this effect
  • spaceBetween parameter will work only when slidesPerView > 1
  • requires at least Swiper version 11.0.5 or higher


In the package you will find:

  • static demo - using plain HTML, CSS, and JS
  • modules demo - project using ES modules created with Vite
  • all required extra styles
  • all required JavaScript to make it work
  • instructions on how to build, run and preview the project

Swiper Studio

This effect is also available in Swiper Studio

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